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Hot Tips on Using G-Spot Vibrators

Before you actually turn your vibrator on, get yourself aroused with a little foreplay. Apply a generous dose of lubrication so that the vibrator will slip right in without irritating your flesh.  Since the G-spot is covered in dense tissue, you'll need to apply firm pressure to get it aroused.  Be sure to slip the vibrator in at least two full inches, which is where you should find your pleasure zone. Firmly press the head or tip of the device against the side of the vaginal canal that is closest to your front.

Once you locate the right spot, you'll know because you'll experience a distinct sense of sexual stimulation. You'll feel the area swelling in size as it responds to the stimulation by filling up with blood, and you'll want to apply more and more pressure as the sexual tension build up. It is possible that you'll also experience female ejaculation, during which a small amount of clear fluid is released as you climax.

Before you get started, remember to follow these tips because it will increase the sexual pleasure that you experience. Start with foreplay and get yourself in the mood. Lubricate well so that your vibrator goes in easy. Find the right spot and take your time until you do. Oh yes, invite your partner to enter in on the fun if you want!

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The Ultimate Guide to Titillating Luxury Sex Toys

Whether you are a first-time indulger in play things for the boudoir or an experienced pro, it's always a better idea to spring for a more luxurious model if you are looking to titillate your body into a sexual frenzy. Luxury sex toys deliver longer and better than cheaper versions, not only giving you your money's worth but also providing the thrill of your life.

If you want the best orgasmic release that you've ever experienced, choose the ultimate in luxury vibrators. The slightly higher cost over cheaper versions is well worth it. After all, wouldn't you rather have one or two sex toys that you know are going to perform to your expectations than three or four that simply disappoint you time and time again? Here's a look at some of the perks of choosing quality over quantity.


State-of-the-Art Technology

What more could you possibly want than the convenience of rechargeable technology? No more worrying about replacing batteries, trying to remember where you put them, or going out in the middle of the night looking for a 24-hour drugstore to buy replacements. The most popular couples luxury vibrator, WE VIBE 4 PLUS, offers wireless USB charging that keeps your G-spot pleasurably stimulated! If your heart is set on waterproof luxury vibrators that are USB rechargeable, check out JIMMYJANE FORM 8 or the WE VIBE NOVA.


Superior Materials

Offering a lifetime of use, modern luxury sex toys are styled from skin-friendly plastics, medical grade silicone, and stainless steel. They're soft, resilient, durable, and safe! Plus, the internal components are highly powerful, extremely responsive, silent, and styled from superior materials, ensuring each pleasure section is as sexually rewarding as the initial ones!


Inventive Designs

Changing the way people pleasure themselves and their love partners, today's luxury sex toys are masterpieces in design. Dedicated research leads to a medley of body pleasers offering ergonomic use, superior results, and the illusion that you aren't using a toy at all! The WOMANIZER W100 Clitoral Stimulator delivers clitoral suction that seems too real to be delivered by a sex toy!


Stylish Presentation

Giftable, attractive, and desirable - luxury sex toys are designed for the pleasure lover who enjoys lavish indulgence with exquisite presentation - for yourself or for that special someone in your bed. Satin linings, sleek designs, and sophisticated coloring create the ultimate in packaging promising extravagant fulfillment of sexual desire, while offering safe storage options!


Powerful Features

The ultimate in sexual foreplay, luxury sex toys back up their slightly higher price with performance features that are unparalleled. From top-of-the-line microprocessors that allow you to access your toys remotely to superior motors that deliver unbelievable staying power, today's sex toys give it their all so you can have your fun and love it too!


The manufacturers of luxury sex toys spare no expense in coming up with unusual designs and powerful capabilities to create devices fully capable of delivering scream-inducing orgasms and "I never want to leave my bed again" exclamations! Try one today for the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

Pegging 101

For those unfamiliar with the term, pegging is the act of a woman penetrating a man with the aid of a strap on. Contrary to social stigma surrounding anal play for males, pegging does not factor into your sexual orientation. Many who identify as straight men shy away from the idea of anal play on the basis of being seen less “manly” or associated with homosexuality.

What it should be associated with is pleasure. Much like the female G-spot, men have a prostate gland, sometimes referred to as the P-spot that when stimulated can cause intense orgasmic pleasure. Although the prospect of pegging may be enticing to some, it is important to warm up that act. As with all sexual acts it is best to be open and communicative before venturing down the road of anal play. Usually it is best to start with fingers or small toys and take things slow to see if anal play is something you would be interested in pursuing  before fully investing in a strap-on harness. For more information on delving into the world of anal play, check out our past article on Anal 101.

Contrary to many of the depictions of pegging throughout pornography, pegging does not need to be centered on power dynamics, role reversal, or under the umbrella of BDSM. More so, it can be an exploration of pleasure, perspective, and romance. It can be tailored to your independent needs and wants that are openly discussed in your relationship.

Now down to the equipment:


Lubricant is one of the most important aspects of anal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. Lack of proper lubricant can turn a pleasurable anal experience into a painful one. Just like sex toys, there are a wide variety of lubricants. Finding the correct one for your application can be challenging. The three main types of lubricant are silicone, oil, and water based. As eventually we will be using toys it is best to stay away from silicone lubricants as they may react with silicone toys. Some of our most preferred lubricants on the market come from Sliquid. Products such as their Sassy, or Organics Gel are both great options. The thicker gel formulas makes for a product that will stay on the toy much longer, than thinner liquids.


An important aspect of pegging is the dildo. It can be a fun experience shopping for one with your partner. Look over products together, communicate likes and dislikes, and reach conclusions together. This can open a line of communication as well as be an intimate and exciting process. One note on choosing a toy, don’t be scared of length. A longer toy is not only easier to insert but gives wiggle room on finding what you personally enjoy. You can always insert less than the full length. When gauging the diameter of your desired toy, try not to choose something too small, anything the size of a finger or smaller can be accomplished with a finger. As a general safety precaution, any dildo that is to be used for anal must have a flared base.   Below are some of our most recommended toys for beginners:


A harness is a very tricky purchase. On one hand you wouldn’t want to waste money on something you may not enjoy, but on the other a poorly made harness can be frustrating enough to put you off the act all together. From budget to luxury harnesses it is best to start in a middle ground, nice enough to get a feel for what it is, and not breaking the bank in the process. If it turns out to be something you really enjoy doing, I would then invest in some of the nicer harnesses on the market such as the Spareparts Joque. Although they seem pricey, they make up for it in quality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Below are some great products to get you started, many include a dildo to get you started as well!

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator for the Ultimate in Satisfaction

Achieving a quick and totally enjoyable orgasm has never been so easy. The mind-blowing assortment of bullet vibrators simplifies the task of stimulating your body in new and exciting ways that lead up to a sexual release of unbelievable magnitude.

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